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Not sure when this changed, but when in a XMPP MUC, clicking on a username in the room list used to initiate a private chat via the MUC. If either party is able to see the real JIDs in the room, pidgin will now initiate a truely private chat with the bare JID and not the room handle via the MUC.The issue is this situation, where the room consists of admins and general users.The admins can see the general users JIDs, but not vice versa.If the general user initates a private chat via the MUC, they have given a private chat via the MUC against their handle.If the admin initates it, then their JID is exposed to the general user in the form of a 1 on 1 chat. While I can see this new feature as a nice addition, we would rather see the 1on1 MUC chat supported.

But there is an idea in it: Idea is to write message directly into skype database and make skype to send it.

After reading and processing message from first db, it writes answer to second db, starts second skype instance, waits for message delivery and kills second instance.

We use both the group chat and private one-on-one chats a lot.

Sometimes it's difficult to remember when and where some issues was discussed.

Full text search works great in the group chat, it should work in private chat too.

Now we're considering moving our private chats back to skype to get the search working.

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