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“Eventually, you just work your way through.” Escape rooms originated as online games, but in the past decade they began to emerge as real-life, brick-and-mortar activities all around the world.

Johnson and Roberts plan on testing people a little more than that.We often have to rely on our brains to get us out of jams.To think critically means an individual has to be able to grasp the logical connections between ideas.Local businessmen Shawn Johnson and Glenn Roberts are banking on their customers to do just that.The pair have started Fantescapes, an escape room located downtown where they host guests for live-action, team-based games.Players (usually two to six at a time) test their wits by being tasked with solving puzzles in themed rooms, the ultimate goal being to escape the space within a set amount of time.

“You’re closed in a room and you have to start looking around, looking for things that are out of place,” said Roberts, a brainy horticulture Ph D who teaches distance education courses for the University of Guelph. You open that and there’s something that leads somewhere else.

“You’re basically trying to find your way through the room and out the other side. They can be word puzzles, physical jigsaw puzzles, logic puzzles. You might have to put something together or take something apart.

They all lead to some sort of a clue, a code or a key.

They put a lot of thought into the business and visited almost 20 different rooms before unveiling the plans for their own.

“We’re focusing on creating an experience that is full of puzzles and also full of interesting experiences along the way,” said Johnson, who is an artist by trade and a fan of gaming.

“It can be quite a challenge for those who are up for it, but at the same time there is plenty of entertainment value in our rooms for those who just want to kick back and see how far they can get for fun.” The two Guelph residents both love the quirky nature of the city’s downtown core and thought it was the perfect home for their new venture. N., the space has a vintage feel and is custom designed to house the escape rooms, as well as the Chique Geek Boutique, an area with unusual, geek-themed art and craft items done by local artists.

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