An error has occurred while setup was updating partition information

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An error has occurred while setup was updating partition information - Free Online

Unmount drive letter failed, please reboot and retry.

If the program failed to unmount, you will get this notice.Failed to lock the volume, please reboot and retry.In operation of partitioning, partitions need to be locked firstly, when the operation has been finished, the program will unlock the target for you, if the unlock process failed, you will be given this error.The partition table on the disk failed to update as other programs locked the partition table, please close other programs and retry.All operations regarding to resizing partitions need to modify the partition table to take effect the task, the operations fails as modification fails.In case of an offline or read-only status disk or volume, the modification of partition table could not be finished, then you need to switch them onto Online mode with Windows Disk Management or Diskpart tool, or to relieve the read-only attribute by Diskpart.

The underlying error of partition table such as the partition table overlap will lead to an update partition table failure.

Meanwhile we should figure out the errors with some partition table repair software then retry the operation.

Failed to update drive letter, please manually set a drive letter for the volume by disk management. The program reassigns the drive letter after finishing partitioning but failed.

You will get this error code in case of below conditions: When assign the drive letter failed. The program attempts to change the drive letter from D to F but failed. Failed to lock the volume, please reboot and retry.

When the program is manipulating partition operations, the target partition should be locked to avoid interrupting by data changing from other programs, however those obstinate applications such as anti-virus and firewall cannot be stopped normally.

The program fail to lock the partition then you will be given this error code.

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