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C., A Critical Understanding, by Lori Bindig and Andrea M. Bergstrom, is a feminist cultural studies analysis of FOX’s hit teen television drama The O.

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are analyzed as a set of media texts that blur the boundaries between hegemonic and counter-hegemonic content. is also examined in terms of audience analysis, auteur theory, aesthetics, and reality television spin-offs. in a larger social context and explore the potential ramifications of popular media texts, as well as the series' cultural legacy which continues to resonate in media and culture. Add your support - call for the oil company to make its oil response plan public.On 4 June 2011, Andreas boarded Cairn's oil rig off the coast of Greenland, and locked himself securely in a crane cabin.While he’s there, with three others, they are preventing the rig from re-starting drilling operations.Andreas explained why he is taking action via radio to our ship the Esperanza: “It’s going to be extremely difficult to get me out of here. We scaled this rig to demand the oil spill response plan but they’ve refused to even tell us if they have one.

Cairn Energy are simply unable to tell the world how they’d deal with a BP-style Arctic spill, so we’re going to stay here and stop them drilling for as long as we can.

While I’m in this crane cabin this beautiful fragile environment is safe from this deep water oil rig.

Andrea received her juris doctorate from the University of Illinois College of Law.

She previously prosecuted criminal cases in Rockford and Champaign County, before turning her skills to benefit her criminal defense clients.

Andrea focuses on defending Driving Under the Influence cases, but also has experience defending felony, misdemeanor and juvenile cases.

Andreas Bergstrom Born:, Kroken, Sweden British Clubs: Berwick (2006, 2007)Year..

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