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The 213 nm ultra-violet laser is capable of high-resolution (up to 10 µm beam size) ablation of any mineral, allowing detailed analysis of individual mineral grains.

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Their first advantage is a better sensitivity of the new generation of CDD electron multipliers and 10^12-ohm resistor faraday collectors.This allows the measurement of a larger dynamic range of Ar ion beam signal on much smaller (and thus likely purer) and younger sample aliquots.Their second advantage is the ability to measure the 36Ar on the CDD multiplier while other masses are measured on the faraday detectors, resulting in analytical precision one order of magnitude better than with previous generation instruments.Their third advantage is much faster sample analysis (i.e., 30-35 analyses/day compared to the current 10-12 analyses/day for single collector instruments.A new dedicated low volume Noble Gas extraction line capable of collecting and cleaning the gas extracted from a variety of samples, using a Photon Machine CO2 laser capable of delivering a homogenous laser beam of up to 6mm wide, is attached to the ARGUS VI mass spectrometer. It is shown that the technique is applicable to rocks of any arbitrary age provided a suitable choice is made of the irradiation parameters, namely integrated neutron flux and sample size.

The choice of these parameters is determined principally by the approximate age of the sample to be dated and to a lesser extent by the K/Ca ratio.

A graphical method for selecting the optimum parameters is presented.

dating method is used to measure the age and timing of a large variety of geological processes, from meteorite samples as old as the Earth (4.5 billion years) to the age of historical events such as the Vesivius eruption (79 AD).

The Ar technique can be applied to any rocks and minerals that contain K (e.g. method is also used to date a myriad of other geological events such as volcanism, tectonic plate movements, mountain building rates, sediment formation, weathering and erosion, hydrothermal fluid movements, and alteration and diagenesis of minerals. The main advantage of Ar-Ar dating is that it allows much smaller samples to be dated, and more age and composition (e.g.

Ca/K) information can be obtained from each sample.

The WAAIF is equipped with A MAP215-50 mass spectrometer with a low-blank automated extraction system coupled with a New Wave Nd-YAG dual IR (1064 nm) and UV (216 nm) laser, an electromuliplier detector and Niers source.

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