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There isn’t much to the Biscotti system, just the HD video phone, an AC power adapter, the remote and some mounting supplies.

Those squares align with two square spaces on the bottom of the Biscotti.If you spent part of the holiday season trying, unsuccessfully, to get your grandparents on Skype, then Biscotti TV Phone may be the answer to your video chat prayers.It’s a relatively effective $199 HDTV-based solution that requires no monthly fees, minimal setup, no software installation and virtually no tech know-how.Developed by Biscotti, a company founded in 2008, Biscotti TV Phone is shaped like its cookie namesake, but that’s where the similarities end.From the excellent packaging, to the instructions to the onscreen control and super-simple remote, Biscotti TV Phone aims to be a video conferencing solution anyone can set up and use — and it more or less succeeds.Oddly, the image shows the squares on top of the TV first. Biscotti execs explained that you can put the squares on the Biscotti TV phone first, then press it onto the TV (future instructions will clarify the setup). I don’t know about the top of your TV, but my Sony HDTV set (which is only about a year old) is not flat.

Instead it slopes down from front to back at about a 25-degree angle.

If I place the Biscotti device flat atop my set, it’ll point at the ceiling.

Fortunately, the device is quite small and light and you can actually support it with just cables coming out of it, and the included cable support mounts that let you wrap up the cables and affix them to the back of your TV.

My guess is that Biscotti will work on clarifying some of the language and visuals on set up when they deliver the first Biscotti update.

Biscotti is a somewhat unusual video conferencing solution in that, instead of using a separate HDMI input, it employs an HDMI pass-though.

I simply unplugged the HDMI out cable from my TV, plugged it into the Biscotti, and then added another HDMI cable that ran from the Biscotti device to my TV (that extra HDMI cable is not included).

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