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Cam caught hidden sex web - Online sex

It's not often you get to watch a girl going down on a guy who she has just hooked up with that evening, it must be true - alcohol just makes some girls horny.

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Unfortunately for these two college students, a camera was running the entire time.I think this girl knew that though, it was shot late one Saturday night and you got to figure she probably just wanted to be caught on camera fucking some guy on camera.A friend of mine owns a bar/restaurant and sent me this tape.He told me that he saw this pair getting pretty hot and steamy at the bar earlier on that night but thought nothing of it.It was only when he went to check the surveillance footage that evening that he came across footage of the two of them in the bathroom.Now imagine what happens when the security guard copies the tape, sends it to a couple of friends, and forwards it to the college dean.

Oh well, it was probably worth it - the chick is fucking hot, after all.

These two got caught after hours at one of the warehouse's on my block, checking out each other's stock - what starts off seeming like a routine end of the day stock check turns in to something far more nasty, it turns out that this little slut was working on getting a promotion. " you may ask, well, exactly how you might think: by sucking her supervisor's dick right there on the stock room floor.

These two unsuspecting lovers thought they were getting away with murder in the back room of a Laundromat.

I guess they didn't think it was so strange that the Laundromat attendant left them on their own in the back room, little did they know we had our security cameras videotaping every second.

First she sucked him off, then they fucked like animals onto of the washer while we recorded the hot fucking that these two gave each other. This is the number one place to get footage of exhibitionist little sluts fucking some guy they've picked up on a Saturday night.

I think back alleys have to be the Venus fly trap of public places to have sex, I mean they seem so inconspicuous, but 9 times out of 10 there's a camera in them somewhere.

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