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Whilst this will also look good for the unemployment figures.Upon any refusal to participate, benefit is cut further sending people into hardship.

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What i am prepared to do is work for my benefit but for hours that would be the equivilant of minimum wage. I would be prepared to work the hours equivalant to £113 a week.I had to voluntarily resign from my job in 2013 due to ongoing health issues that have affected me for more than 7 years.By doing so i was giving myself the chance to find something less physically demanding.Unfortunately finding work has been frustrating in that where i reside, there are very few available which i am qualified to do and more and more companies seem to be making redundancies.I have now been put forward for the Back to Work scheme.I would be grateful if you could tell me how the scheme will benefit me.

It appears that there is no guarentee of future employment with the company a person is sent to work for.

Certainly it's not going to put a loaf on bread on our table working for nothing.

My local benefit office explained that it's to give me confidence in a working environment. What incentive is there going out to do a weeks work for nothing?

At the age of 40 and having completed 16 years consecutively in employment i have confidence in abundance. I will have to give up my home and move in with my father whilst my wife and 10 year old daughter will have to move in with my wifes parents which will be happening on . It's temporary until we can get back on our feet again as my wife has also since lost her job.

But that is the reality of forcing the unemployed into this draconian slave labour in which you enforce.

The only beneficiary to this back to work scheme appears to be the employer gaining free slave labour.

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