Carbon dating doubts

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Carbon dating doubts - Sex Chat

Keith Small, is more emphatic and “told the that if the dating is confirmed, as he believed would happen, it could raise serious problems for Islam,” since “This would radically alter the edifice of Islamic tradition.

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First, the carbon dating is not radically incongruous with Islamic dating.The media is abuzz with news that a portion of the Koran, which Muslims believe was first recited by their prophet, Muhammad, may actually predate Muhammad himself.Many seem to think that such news will have a large impact on the Muslim world and make Muslims rethink the veracity of their faith.Thus Tom Holland, a British historian, asserts, “It destabilizes, to put it mildly, the idea that we can know anything with certainty about how the Koran emerged.And that, in turn, has implications for the historicity of Mohammed and his followers.” A Koranic manuscript consultant at Oxford’s Bodleian Library, Dr.The fact is, over centuries, lots of things have emerged that should put the veracity of the Koran and Islam to the test—whether the plausible suggestion that Muhammad never existed, certainly not the Muhammad of Islamic tradition, or whether the fact that the Koran, which says of itself that it is written in “pure Arabic” (see 12:2, 13: 37), has several Syro-Aramaic words in it.

Or perhaps that the Koran says, very literally, that the sun sets in a pool of dark mud ().

Science doesn’t hold much weight with the modern Islamic mindset—not when it contradicts the Koran. So say the lying infidels, responded the late Saudi grand mufti, Bin Baz: if the Koran says the earth is flat (), the earth is flat!

It indicates that the text was written sometime between 568 and 645.

Muslim tradition holds that Muhammad lived between lived 570 and 632, and that the Koran was collated and finalized around 650.

In other words, if the text was written anytime from 610-645—a full 35 years that fall within the range of the carbon testing—it poses no problems for Islam, for Muslims believe that Muhammad began receiving “revelations” or the that became the verses of the Koran when he was forty.

All it would mean is that, instead of believing that the Koran was collated in 650, portions of it were written down a few years earlier. In fact, there is very little that Western scholars and scientists can do or say about Islam that would have much influence on the Islamic mindset.

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