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From the beginning, truth and authenticity are essential to make our system to work.We don’t want you to sell yourself – we want you to be yourself.

Here at e Harmony we believe there’s someone perfect out there for everyone.And we can help you find them, searching among the online Christian dating community for someone who’s just right for each of our members.Aren't you curious to see who we’ll match you with? We understand that each new e Harmony member is unique.That’s why, unlike other dating agencies, we get to know every one of our members in detail before we even begin matching.Our relationship questionnaire is the first stage of the sign-up process.It’s our chance to understand who you are and what you’re searching for, using a list of questions in order to thoroughly unpick your personality.

The questionnaire has been written and refined over the years, using our careful research to narrow down which questions will help us create an accurate dating profile for you and find you the best possible matches.

We ask questions on the key areas of compatibility such as lifestyle and values, knowing that if you share similarities with someone in these crucial areas, you will have a strong foundation for a successful relationship.

The relationship questionnaire and the personality profile you will receive shortly after you've completed it are also great ways to find out a bit more about yourself.

While thinking through and answering the questions, you might be surprised at how much you learn about what you really think about relationships.

Just remember, don’t answer the questionnaire with an eye to how you’d want to be perceived.

Only by being yourself will you find a truly perfect match.

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