Dating for cancer patients

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Dating for cancer patients - Free Online

Yet animals as companions to those with physical illnesses became recognized only as recently as 1976 when Therapy Dogs International — followed closely by the Delta Society (now called Pet Partners) — was founded.Pet therapy has been used and studied in many forms.

In this article, I’ll be focusing primarily on visiting pets, but I’ll also share some studies about pet ownership as they relate to overall health.The type of animals that have shared their lives with people who are ailing is also diverse.Most commonly studied have been dogs (canine therapy) with the most popular breed for pet therapy being golden retrievers, but benefits have been found via companionship with cats, birds, farm animals, and even dolphins.Many studies have been done that have evaluated both the physical and emotional effects of pet companionship.j Query(function () { figure_index++; var data = "BC","2009","\u2013"],["BC","2010","\u2013"],["AB","2009","91.2"],["AB","2010","92.2"],["SK","2009","80.5"],["SK","2010","95.0"],["MB","2009","83.8"],["MB","2010","81.4"],["ON","2009","73.5"],["ON","2010","\u2013"],["QC","2009","\u2013"],["QC","2010","\u2013"],["NB","2009","90.9"],["NB","2010","90.0"],["NS","2009","93.9"],["NS","2010","85.7"],["PE","2009","90.0"],["PE","2010","100.0"],["NL","2009","92.9"],["NL","2010","70.3"; figure_raw_data.push("BC","2009","\u2013"],["BC","2010","\u2013"],["AB","2009","91.2"],["AB","2010","92.2"],["SK","2009","80.5"],["SK","2010","95.0"],["MB","2009","83.8"],["MB","2010","81.4"],["ON","2009","73.5"],["ON","2010","\u2013"],["QC","2009","\u2013"],["QC","2010","\u2013"],["NB","2009","90.9"],["NB","2010","90.0"],["NS","2009","93.9"],["NS","2010","85.7"],["PE","2009","90.0"],["PE","2010","100.0"],["NL","2009","92.9"],["NL","2010","70.3"); function cpacc_get_data_column(col){ var out = []; for(var row in data){ out.push(parse Float(data[row][col].replace(",",""))); } return out; } var figure = {}; figure = j Query.extend(true, {}, figure, { "chart": { "type": "column", "events": { "load": function() { this.redraw(); } }, "animation": 0 }, title: { text:'' }, credits: { enabled: false }, tooltip: { use HTML: true, formatter: function() { if(this._formatter){ return this._formatter(); } var precision = this.series.chart.options._precision; var y = this.y; if(typeof this.point.y_title !”A pet is a medication without side effects that has so many benefits.

I can’t always explain it myself, but for years now I’ve seen how instances of having a pet is like an effective drug.

It really does help people.” From animal visits for children in hospitals to those with dementia, and now people with cancer, studies suggest there are some important benefits obtained from these furry visitors.

And as the quote above says so well: it’s often like an effective drug but without side effects.

What are some of the ways that pet therapy has helped those struggling with physical and mental illnesses, and what are we starting to learn about its role in cancer treatment?

Animals have been man’s companions since recorded time, but the use of this companionship to foster health and well-being has only recently taken off as a complementary therapy.

Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) was first used to assist those with mental illnesses beginning in the 1800s and was found to be a helpful adjunct to psychoanalysis by Sigmund Freud.

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