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In 1664 the Dutch surrendered to a British Fleet, and the town was renamed New York in honor of the Duke of York.George Washington was inaugurated here in 1789, and for a time, New York served as the country's capital.

Newport, Rhode Island, is a stylish, world-famous yachting center with a long tradition of elegance.For almost a century and a half, it was the home of the America's Cup yachting races.The colonial sections of Newport boast many authentic historic buildings, some dating back to the 1600s.However, most impressive of all, are the opulent mansions built at the turn of this century by industrial tycoons along Ocean Drive and Bellevue Avenue.Singe Harley Riders is the primary biker dating site for Harley riders and Harley Davidson enthusiasts. Every day, thousands of Harley riders join our site, you can easily find Harley Singles around you.Whether you have an interest in meeting, dating, or even marrying a Harley Davidson rider, our site offers all of the above and more.

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It won't be long now before online and in-person dating opportunities abound. Others are willing to cross the country tomorrow with a new biker friends.

Welcome to one of the world's most famous and exciting cities.

Broadway, Times Square, the Empire State Building and Central Park are just some of the celebrated spectacles this bustling city has to offer.

Giovanni da Verrazano was the first European to glimpse Manhattan Island in 1524, but the area was not explored until Henry Hudson arrived in 1609.

It is said that Peter Minuit bought the entire island from Native Americans for $24 worth of beads and trinkets in 1629 - the biggest real estate bargain in history.

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