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The alpha-ness of the app has a few caveats, Lee notes.

Bleep itself has been in the works for a year already.The first, closed version of the service, then simply called Bit Torrent Chat, was launched in September 2013.Then, earlier this year, the company started to fill in more details, eventually unveiling the Bleep name as it transitioned to an invite-only, closed Alpha for Windows users.(“Bleep” refers to the privacy level of the app — as in, we have no way of knowing or capturing what you say in your messages because everything you say is no more than a “bleep.”) This latest iteration of Bleep is now open to anyone who wants to try it, Lee writes, while the company continues to receive user feedback from previous and new testers.Users also have the ability to delete their message history, “leaving no trace of conversation behind.” The thinking here is that a chat app built on a distributed, peer-to-peer architecture like the kind that Bit Torrent uses is more secure than one built on a cloud-based architecture.“Cloud-based services store personal information and private moments on servers, making them vulnerable to attacks,”writes Jaehee Lee, a product manager overseeing Bleep, in a blog post. And privacy should not be hard to achieve.” One way that Bleep achieves this is through a server-less architecture (which is built around a distributed hash table, or DHT, that Bleep product manager Farid Fadaie says in a technical post is being continually upgraded for better scale while Bleep’s in alpha).

Another is in how consumers can interface with the app: you can sign into the service using your email or mobile number, or you can access your client in incognito mode — “no Personally Identifiable Information is necessary.” However, if you so choose, you can also import your Google address book contacts, and to invite friends to Bleep via email, SMS, QR code, or a public key.

Bit Torrent says you can now move an existing account to an Android device and receive inbound messages across all devices.

In the rush of new services for consumers that are concerned about their data privacy, make room for another messaging app.

Peer-to-peer file distribution service Bit Torrent is today announcing the public availability of Bleep — its encrypted P2P chat app for voice calls and texts that is still in alpha — with Mac and Android apps now available to download, in addition to the existing Windows app that was already part of the invite-only, closed alpha.

An i OS app, a Bit Torrent spokesperson tells me, is in the works for a future release.

Bit Torrent — once more notorious for enabling piracy, now running in less turbulent waters as it courts advertisers and big-name partners — has been one of the more outspoken internet companies on the issue of data privacy these days in the wake of the NSA snooping revelations. Bit Torrent says Bleep is fully encrypted end to end, with messages and other data only stored locally on your device.

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