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Architecture firm Swisatec just announced plans to build a self-contained “Green Village” in Cape Town, South Africa that will be completely car-free and powered by solar energy.

While cars won’t be needed to travel through the Village, residents still need to find a way to get there – it’s a half-hour drive to Cape Town proper.А) Африка, Европа, Америка, Австралия, Антарктида, Азия. Б) Южная Америка, Австралия, Северная Америка, Евразия, Антарктида, Африка. В) Европа, Азия, Южная Америка, Австралия, Антарктида. Swisatec estimates the project will cost a staggering 14 billion rand, or $900 million US. Register at our chat site and earn a chance to meet a plethora of amazing, fun-loving South Africans - chat with someone new and find your ideal chat mate with whom you can share all your naughty fantasies!

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The development will include underground parking for residents, tucking their cars out of sight until they need to travel.

Related: Low-tech alarm protects South African slums from devastating fires The apartments available range from one to four bedrooms, and will be made completely from eco-friendly and nontoxic materials.

All appliances will be A++ rated energy efficient, and the units will be lit throughout with LEDs.

The buildings even include features to manage water usage and will be able to run on self-generated solar power.

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