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Bamford Rose Rose LLP is an independent service provider and has not been authorised by Aston Martin My name is Mike, and whilst I don’t bring pictures and details regarding ownership of the world’s finest sports car, I do bring something equally as special.Breaking the ‘apron strings’ from the factory, a team of dedicated engineers and technicians have created Bamford Rose.

We have been ‘voyeurs’ of this thread for many years, and acknowledge there are already some great members who offer technical support for the good of the forum.The purpose of this thread is to complement that input with insight which is simply not available from those outside of the original development of these cars.The aim of Bamford Rose here is to create the definitive ‘look-up’ or reference to help members with owning and living with an Aston Martin.The Bamford Rose team have a significant presence and success record with a long standing customer base in the Aston Martin Racing scene.Working in a new era, Bamford Rose represents the original spirit, precision, dedication and expertise that inspired Aston Martin’s founders.The true engineering genius behind Aston Martin was the engineer Robert Bamford.

It is his name, combined with that of the first-ever new era Aston Martin race car, named Rose by the factory, which gives Bamford Rose its title and inspiration.

The team behind Bamford Rose possess great depth of combined experience, learnt over many years spent engineering and developing Aston Martin cars for the factory, from DB7 / Vanquish to present day models.

Today, Bamford Rose evolve, service and prepare Aston Martin race cars, and offer both heritage and new-era Aston Martin road car owners unrivalled servicing and general repairs.

The purpose of this thread is to act as a single point of technical reference for Piston Heads forum members to draw from.

If you would like any advice or recommendation for your pride and joy please feel free to ask here and Bamford Rose will get back to you as soon as possible.

We hope you welcome us to your forum and look forward to being of help to you all..!

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