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Keep formal or romantic dinners on standby for when mutual attraction has been established. Dinner and candles might sound nice, but in reality it can be slightly overwhelming for a first date, especially if you met online.

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so pick a first date location that gives you that opportunity.Women love a flirt With each generation, men are getting worse at the art of flirting.Many men think that flirting is sleazy or creepy, but the reality is, a good flirt makes us feel good.It also helps move the interaction in to the direction of something less platonic and more exciting.These type of compliments will make you come across as a 'people pleaser' and generic compliments can often indicate a generic personality.Look out for something that we have made an effort in.

This could be our makeup, our choice of shoes or the overall style that we have taken the time to create, rather than something that has been bestowed upon us as a result of a 'lucky gene pool'. A compliment that is made to feel that it has been constructed for her and only her , will make much more of an impact.

Kezia Noble ( in photo above) has helped over thousands of men find success in their dating lives3.

A busy bar or an 'activity based date' such as bowling or Karaoke is not only less formal, but because there's lots going on you will both find it easier to find things to talk about PLUS it will encourage you to both relax and be yourselves .

First dates can be awkward, so prevent awkward moments with some pre- planning.2.

Choose bespoke compliments Or should I say avoid endless generic compliments and replace them with just one unique compliment.

You will not win a woman over with throw away pleasantries such as "you have lovely eyes" or "You have beautiful hair" .

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