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Gibson joins a star-studded cast including lead actor Forest Whitaker, Angela Bassett and Jennifer Hudson, in a modern-day adaptation of Langston Hughes' twist on the Bible's nativity story.

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ETLynn Whitfield is an Emmy Award winning actress famous for her role as Josephine Baker in ' The Josephine Baker Story.' Her other films include ' A Thin Line Between Love and Hate,' ' Gone Fishin’' and ' Eve’s Bayou.' Below is a response from her and her daughter after watching Black In America's ' The Black Woman and Family.' Lynn Whitfield Actress My daughter Grace and I watched the premier of CNN’s groundbreaking "Black in America." I thought we would have lively discussions around many of the themes concerning black women in this country.If parents of biracial children are too concerned about what race their children identify and associate with, the only outcome will be confusion.They should rear their children to have enough self-esteem and self-confidence to be their own persons - encouraging them to be strong children who can grow up to be strong biracial adults.There should be no need for them to say “I am black” or “I am white” because they are neither, yet they are both.However, when she saw the segments on interracial marriage and the children of those relationships, she had a visceral response. Grace seemed ready to adapt James Brown’s black anthem to her cause: "Say it loud, I'm blended and proud!" I saw my daughter stand up for the equality of blended people like herself in all her olive-complexioned, big curly afro-like glory.

She went immediately to the computer with dignity, passion and everything but a fist in the air and wrote the statement you are about to read: Mixed in America Grace Gibson (16-year-old daughter of Lynn Whitfield) Although I found this segment of “Black in America” to be highly informative for the general public, I was disappointed that the interviews in the section on what it is like to be biracial in America seemed to focus only on the more negative aspects.

With the eyes of the world now on Barack Obama, I had hoped for a more balanced discussion on what a positive symbol a mixed race person can project.

Obama’s candidacy embodies change and hope for so many in this country of all generations, genders, races and cultures.

His message of bringing us all together as Americans is enhanced by his mixed heritage.

The biracial person personifies the breaking down of racial barriers that so many fought and died for in the civil rights movement. Martin Luther King stood for and what his legacy of equality imparts to us today.

So one should feel nothing but pride to be mixed in America.

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