Out of office not updating

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Take control of server-sided email Auto-Replies without bothering the server administrator.

You can also centrally manage out of office replies for recurring events.Finally you can create, view, edit or delete any Out of Office messages and statuses in your company including those created by users.Rest assured that all your customers, employees and managers will now be instantly informed when they send an email to people who are out of office due to training, vacation, sickness or business trips.The program lets you define internal and external Out of Office message templates for selected individual users or even entire departments.With just a few clicks, you can activate an email auto-reply and submit it to a number of Exchange or Office 365 users' mailbox settings.The program also keeps a history of absences letting (for example) HR people track who was off and when.

Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 send only 1 automatic reply per sender while the Out of Office assistant is enabled.

This may cause confusion among your organization's external contacts, especially in cases of your users' longer absences.

Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and Outlook have no option that allows for the central management of Out of Office replies.

So composing and activating such replies for selected users or a group of people is not possible natively.

Fortunately, Code Two Out of Office Manager will let you set up and manage Out of Office messages for multiple users in your Office 365 or Exchange organization in a breeze, all from one place.

It will also display all auto-reply items in one calendar view for quick and easy editing by non-technical team-members, thereby saving the administrator's time.

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