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Carvin’s first Spanish electrics were hollowbodies sourced from both Kay and Harmony, with a Carvin pickup mounted on them in California.

Turns out this was one of Carvin’s first solidbody guitars, originally introduced in 1955 and offered until 1961.Carvin—the name is a combination of the founder’s sons’ names Carson and Gavin—was started in 1946 when a Hawaiian guitar player from Kansas named Lowell Kiesel moved to L. Kiesel began developing an idea for a Bakelite lap steel and introduced the Kiesel lap steel in 1947. I actually found one of those laps a few years ago. (Knowledge is power.) I spoke with one of the younger sons Mark years ago and he recalled assembling those laps in their kitchen.These did well and the Hawaiian line was expanded and they began making Kiesel amps.The Carvin name appeared in around late 1949 or so.I confess I was not really much aware of Carvin guitars until I started collecting back in the ‘80s.I probably saw some of their ads in Guitar Player Magazine, but since I wasn’t in the market for an electric guitar, I didn’t pay attention.

Plus, I was living in the Great Lakes area and Carvin was out in California. My first Carvin was a classy 1982 DC-200KI with a body make of figured koa and a heel-less glued-in neck. After that I always kept my eyes peeled for interesting Carvins, and there are plenty.

I found this Carvin SGB-3 languishing in a music shop in Toledo, Ohio, before I knew much about the brand.

That led to a rage for Western Swing and then the Bakersfield Sound. Carvin guitars, made in Covina, California, are one of the Rodney Dangerfield’s of the American guitar world. They’re actually still in the family (as I write this, at least!

You know, like “What if farmers had rotated crops instead of planting the same darned thing every year back in the 1930s? Yeah, because it was the Dust Bowl during the Great Depression, caused in part by poor farming practices meeting drought, that sent legions of Okies and Texans west into California.

And without the products of that cultural collision we might not have had Fenders or… ), not passing through various corporate hands or part of a conglomerate family of brands. These days the guitars reflect a high standard of quality.

Yet for some reason Carvin doesn’t spring to most folk’s lips when you bring up the subject of venerable guitar brands.

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