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In order to avoid jail time and continue his lucrative-but-lazy crimebusting, Shawn tells the police he's a psychic.

The two frequently collaborate with the real detectives Carlton "Lassie" Lassiter and Juliet "Jules" O'Hara.Unfortunately, as an adult Shawn is equal parts prankster and slacker with no real desire to apply himself in any normal occupation.So, he employs his skills to identify criminals and their methods in the news and calls crime tip lines for the reward.This backfires on him when he is arrested as an accomplice.The police are suspicious of how good his tips are, so therefore he must have been involved with the crimes.Lassiter finds Shawn unbearably annoying, though he eventually grows to respect him, while Juliet is more civil to them, and eventually becomes Shawn's Romantic Interest.

Shawn's retired father Henry usually makes at least one appearance an episode, sometimes just in the Flashback opening.

Being that Henry is a show that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Shawn: First of all, Gus, that name is entirely too long; it would never fit on the window.

Why didn't you just call it "Hey, we're fooling you and the police department; hope we don't make a mistake and somebody dies because of it"?

And secondly, the best way you convince people you're Shawn Spencer was drilled from childhood by his father, a police officer, to have a strict attention to detail and other detective skills.

As a result, Shawn effectively possesses a Photographic Memory and the ability to observe and put together clues too subtle for the average person to pick up.

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