Rachel bilson dating hayden christensen

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Rachel bilson dating hayden christensen - Online sex

The couple became engaged in 2008, before calling off their impending nuptials in June 2010.(Shirtless Hayden photos at link.)According to some of the comments at Just Jared, they seem to think that Rachel wants the arrangement more than he does. She's obviously not 'dating' Hayden because she can't get a date. Well, if you do and have an hour to kill, you can have sex with this former B list television actress who has a B list movie actor for a boyfriend. He had a chance to make A list but his above the line movies have bombed.

It must be so hard to generate a little media heat when your heart isn't in it. (CDAN)I don't even know why they would bother bearding at this point. It's interesting, because they obviously call the paps and they've been 'together' for years but they never really look like a couple. Didn't realize Rachel Bilson was the same age as Hayden - she's going to be 31 this Summer. She cannot get through a single line without tripping over words, dropping inflection from what would be normal speech patterns, or keeping her face from looking like an agitated monkey.Although Rachel Bilson will always exist in our minds as "The O.C." cutie Summer Roberts, the "Hart of Dixie" actress took a little time off from playing doctor to vacation in Barbados with beau Hayden Christensen.The pair hit the beach with Bilson's stepmother and two half-sisters, all taking a turn on a boogie board. This old blind item from 2010 was supposedly about Rachel.Although Bilson and Christensen have had a rough go when it comes to their relationship, the pair seem to be in a good place. But since she's on a TV show now and making steady money I'm assuming she doesn't have to hook anymore.[quote]Do you have $35,000?I don't think I've ever seen a picture of them kissing or even holding hands. When they are photographed together they look like two separate people randomly in a photograph together. At her age women have to begin deciding whether they're going to have children or not, because fertility drops dramatically after 35. Someone obviously like that ass of hers - and it's not Miss "Free Vacation in Barbie-dos" Christensen.

Rachel, who was clad in drawstring trousers and a Rock & Republic Star Wars shirt from Kohl's, could have used some assistance from a Jedi Knight or maybe even Han Solo while dealing with what resembled a four-legged Chewbacca.

Rachel Bilson has always been a bit of a style icon for us.

Ever since her days playing Summer on The OC, she's given us plenty of inspiration when it comes to our look.

And even though this is a particularly laid back ensemble it's got that classic Bilson edge we love.

Firstly we have to give props for the Star Wars tee which is no doubt an homage to her beau Hayden Christensen who, of course, appeared as a young Darth Vader in the prequel movies.

And then those striped joggers are so relaxed they've nearly fallen off her.

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