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She never names him on the show or on the Bravo website, but she shared a few photos on the series' second episode No more bling: ‘I was living the dream.We had a house in the Hills, swimming pool, staff, the cars, the jewels,' Landon said on Southern Charm.

The demands of their careers compounded with the duties for his actress ex-wife and young daughter became too much for the pair and they separated.’Maby's life in Los Angeles also includes daughter Lola, 11, whom he had with ex-wife Stacey Dash.Here they take their blindfolds off upon being left in Newfoundland He worked his posh accent and knowledge of languages to his advantage.His team also had the benefit of his family apartment on Fifth Avenue, where they stayed one night while passing through New York with no money, seen right.That apartment was sold in 2004, before he met Landon Cameras followed as he and show partner Harriet Bulwer-Long traversed on camel back to Timbuktu, found his way out of Newfoundland, and borrowed money off old school friends in New York where his father conveniently had an apartment on Fifth Avenue.One time Clueless star Dash, who has been married three times, also has son Austin, 23, pictured at right with his mom and sister After Landon and James pair split in 2013, Landon spent the winter in Aspen and arrived back in Charleston to ‘reclaim her life’ in 2014 – coincidentally just in time to join the Bravo show which filmed last summer.But Landon doesn't just have friends on reality shows already.

Lke Shep, she has an ex-husband with plenty of experience himself, and she no doubt knew more than most what she would be getting into by joining the Bravo hit.

On the show Maby and his teammate, an until-the-show stranger named Harriet Bulwer-Long, were dropped alongside two other teams in an unknown destination with little food or money.

Landon Clements is introduced in Season Two, which began airing last week, as an old friend of Shep’s who has moved back to Charleston in the wake of her divorce from an unnamed British man who she lived with in Los Angeles.

Landon, 33, was born Ansley Landon Clements in Georgia.

After going to the College of Charleston (during which time she met Southern Charm castmate Shep Rose) she moved to Telluride, Colorado to ski and met James Maby when she was 24.

Landon claims she was swept off her feet by a self-proclaimed ‘James Bond Brit.’ After they met, they got married in Charleston and then she moved with him to Los Angeles.

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