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Sex dating in massadona colorado - Online sex

Members and guests come to the facility not necessarily to have sex, but to “go out to a club without kids,” he said.“No thumping music, no bar fights.” “I think there is less sex here than in the parking lot of the Stampede (nightclub) on any night,” he said.

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Members live along the Front Range, as well as in Texas, Florida, Arizona, California and plenty of other places.For a busy event, 1,500 or more people show up, Sei-fert said.Nearby businesses are tapped for additional parking.Area hotels offer special rates and shuttles to people who come for the bashes.Think of it as a country club, Seifert said, where people might sunbathe without clothes, cheer on participants in a foam fiesta (the foam gets sprayed on people; clothing is optional), or just dance and flirt — and that’s it — in a sexually charged environment. ” asked Seifert, 50, a wiry guy who describes himself as ultraconservative. We do things.” During a recent tour of Squirrel Creek, with its long bar, huge kitchen and array of games, workers were seen cleaning up an indoor pool party from the night before — the inflatable pool had collapsed and blow-up pool toys were scattered around.Squirrel Creek Lodge, an 18,000-square-foot former steakhouse in Littleton, looks a lot like any other event space used for corporate get-togethers or run-of-the-mill wedding parties. Nearly every weekend, droves of people visit for racy parties where open-minded couples meet other open-minded couples looking to spice up their sex lives.

Many participants call it “the lifestyle,” although it’s also commonly known as swinging.

Owner Kendall Seifert said Squirrel Creek is the biggest venue of its kind in the nation.

Among other things, Squirrel Creek hosts Scarlet Ranch, a 50,000-member swingers club that Seifert started more than a decade ago, before selling it.

Squirrel Creek hosts fashion shows, volleyball tournaments, dance parties and more, most of it taking place on weekends.

On weekdays, Squirrel Creek hosts corporate parties, serves dinner to members and entertains different groups that want the facility more for its space than its provocative weekend vibe.

Seifert said he started his first club in Evergreen because he was bored.

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