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Virginity has traditionally been greatly prized in modest Burma-Myanmar. If you have some laundry done at a guesthouse, some people make take offense to washing your under garments.

Even though the military government passed a decree in early 1999 forbidding women from working at bars as pat of a campaign against prostitution, something the military government is adamantly against, there are los of prostitutes in Chinatown. There is a superstition in Myanmar that contact with women’s garments, especially underwear, can sap men of their strength.The group's website explains: The Burma military regime is not only brutal but very superstitious.They believe that contact with a woman's panties or sarong can rob them of their power.So this is your chance to use your Panty Power to take away the power from them.Activist Liz Hilton added: "It's an extremely strong message in Burmese and in all Southeast Asian culture.It is widely believed in Myanmar that if a man comes in contact with a woman's panties or sarong they can rob him of his power.

In 2007 one Thai-based group launched a global 'panties for peace' campaign, in which supporters were encouraged to send women's underwear to Burmese embassies, in the hope that contact with such garments would weaken the regime's hpoun, or spiritual power. It is widely rumoured that, before a foreign envoy visits Burma, an article of female underwear or a piece of a pregnant woman's sarong is hidden in the ceiling of the visitor's hotel suite, to weaken their hpoun and thus their negotiating position.

[Source: Andrew Selth, a Research Fellow at the Griffith Asia Institute, The Interpeter, October 22, 2009] The Daily Mail reported: “Burma's iron-fisted - yet superstitious - military junta believe touching lady's underwear will "rob them of power", organisers say.

And Lanna Action for Burma hope their "Panties for Peace" campaign will help oust the oppressive rulers who ruthlessly crushed recent democracy protests.

[Source: Daily Mail] Despite the fact that prostitution is illegal in Myanmar, many women are in the sex trade because of the difficulties making decent money doing anything else.

Accurate figures of the number of sex workers are difficult to come by.

But some media reports say that there are more than 3,000 entertainment venues such as karaoke places, massage parlours or nightclubs where there are sex workers, and that there are an estimated five sex workers in each venue.

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