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Student couple chat - Online sex

The manga follows the two as they begin dating and the progress of their relationship.The manga also follows another couple where the guy accidentally buy a date from another (I think it was a middle school) girl instead of his dream girl. There in the chat room his alter-ego, Kakeru, is infatuated with the girl called Hal.

Kinda a remake of this game, but this time as chibis (I got lazy) and more characters.Actually it was chapter 483 that inspired me to make this...So the entire idea for the game started from the chapter where Kishi trolled Sasu Saku.And yes, (still) no Hinata and Sasu Saku is the way it is because I don't like them.And no amount of complaining/crying/whining/bitching/"just saying" will make me add them. she created the game, which means she has creative control of this you want a dress up game with hinata in it, then go search for it on DA instead of bitching and whining at her about doesn't like hinata or nh, so she chose to leave hinata/nh out of the game, please respect that.No, going "you say you won't add Hinata, but I think you still should add her! If you're desperate to dress up just Hinata and nobody else will do, I suggest you to search for "hinata dress up" on DA. But something gives me the feeling that thanks to the most vocal fans of Hinata, the good old Hinata-sama counter will be of use again... I know you hate Hinata, but if you want, I can draw her for you (I CANT WAIT TO SEE HER REACTION WHEN PUT WITH NEJI OR NARUTO!!!

Yes, Zetsu's flytrap thing is missing because it was too troublesome. and no, I don't like her that much either, but seeing her faint of becoming red like a tomato when put with Naruto must be a really nice thing to see)And not only Hinata, but more of them, even the ones you will find only once, such as Konohamaru's sexy jutsu.

No yaoi or yuri options, because drawing a new base body would double the amount of work. And yes, I know what happens to Karin, so angry SSers don't need to remind me about it. Reactions: (BE THANKFUL I MADE THIS CAUSE MY HANDS ARE TIRED! Message me if you want me to help oh, okay I also noticed that I can't strikethrought only one headband, which is kind of annoying, but anyway, the game's cool[IMG][/I…here's the screenshot I mentioned above (it's fixed now, my internet stopped before it could fully load the game), and here:[IMG][/IM…is my attempt to make Hinata (and add her name)Byakugan by: Neji Hair style by: Samui & Kushinaif you ever feel like adding Hinata (I mean, your last post here was just a month ago), you can use her.

)NARUTO -- NARUKOJIRAIYA -- NARUKOJIRAIYA -- TSUNADEMINATO -- NARUKOMINATO -- KUSHINAOROCHIMARU -- SASUKOITACHI -- SASUKOSASUKE -- SAKURAKANKOU -- TEMARIGAARA -- TEMARIGAARA --MATSURISAKURA -- LEESHIKAMARU -- SHIHOKURENAI -- ASUMA ( SLIGHT )KAKASHI -- RINOBITO -- RINThough I really want to see Hinata's reaction on Naruto and Neji, oh well, I respect the creators opinions on other characters, we're not all the same, right? I can't really use that because Flash doesn't work that way, I'd need a flash vector drawing.

And as I said, I'm not interested in Naruto any more so it's really unlikely that I'd want to start updating a five year old Naruto thing.

It is about an anti-bully high school boy who goes on a website to talk to his online girlfriend.

When he talks to her, he completely changes his personality and becomes completely sweet. There and then, they find out that they are in the same class, and that they do not get along at all unless they communicate through text messages, so they are in a cafe looking extremely angry towards each other, but talking very sweet through their phones.

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