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Last week I put together a mess-free finger painting project for the boys. I first saw the idea on Pinterest (you can find my Pinterest boards here!), where Mama Smiles had done this project using blue hair gel.

I squirted two primary colours into each of the three Ziplock freezer bags, put a white piece of paper under them, and taped the whole thing down with painter's tape. They first experimented with each bag to see what new colour was made when mixing the two primary colours together.I was hoping to talk a little more about the importance of breakfast this week, but I wanted to publish this post before it got too late.I’ll save my thoughts for next week and for now you can enjoy this guest post from Fish Mama.Breakfast has always been a favorite meal for our family. But, one of my favorites is this easy casserole that can be made ahead.My oldest regularly asks me at bedtime what will be served at the next meal. It was served to us on our honeymoon at the little bed and breakfast we were staying in.Even back before we had kids, my husband and I often went out for breakfast when we were dating or first married. It’s a delicious way to get your children to eat spinach.

In a medium sized bowl, combine all of the ingredients. It is also quite tasty on plain cookies like Quick Sugar Cookies.

This is a very simple frosting which is put to it’s best advantage on spicy cakes, like Old Fashioned Gingerbread or Cinnamon Oatmeal Cake.

This recipe is easily doubled or tripled, and can also be tinted with food coloring for cool holiday effects.

Then they drew pictures, made handprints, and drove their cars over the paint to see the tire tracks. After a couple quick repairs with masking tape, the cars were parked for the rest of the activity.

Next time I will make sure I get all of the extra air out of the bags before taping them down.

A couple of the bags had air bubbles in them, which were much harder to remove once the paint was spread throughout the bag.

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