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In this paper, we test the correlation of the Liverpool Land glacial advance with the Milne Land Stade. Glacial history of interior Jameson Land, East Greenland. Our results show that outlet glaciers from the Liverpool Land ice cap reached ice-marginal positions marked by moraines in east-facing valleys on Jameson Land sometime during late glacial–early Holocene time (ca. This confirms the correlation of these moraines with the Milne Land Stade moraines described elsewhere in the Scoresby Sund region. Late Holocene expansion of Istorvet ice cap, Liverpool Land, East Greenland. Publisher Full Text Möller P., Hjort C., Adrielsson L.

Correspondence Lena Håkansson, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Marine Geology and Glaciology, Østervoldgade 10, DK-1350 Copenhagen K, Denmark. Citation: Polar Research 2014, 33, 20313, Local glaciers are sensitive recorders of climate change (e.g., Nesje et al. 2010; Leclercq & Oerlemans 2012) in comparison with ice sheets and ice-sheet margins, which may have a longer response time. Originally they were assigned a Younger Dryas age (Funder 1972, 1978). 1 Map of Greenland and the Scoresby Sund–Jameson Land area. Thick black lines represent Milne Land Stade moraines as described by Funder (1970) in Milne Land and by Denton et al. The following river names are abbreviated: Depotelv (De), Draba Sibirica Elv (Dr), Lollandselv (Lo) and Falsterselv (Fa) rivers. However, subsequent studies have suggested deposition during Preboreal time (Funder & Hansen 1996; Björck et al. The latter alternative was favoured because it has long been thought that the Younger Dryas was too cold and dry to accommodate glacier growth (Funder & Hansen 1996). Copyright background map: National Survey and Cadastre, Denmark. Recent studies of the inner and outer Milne Land Stade moraines in the inner Scoresby Sund area place the outer Milne Land Stade prior to or during the Younger Dryas and the inner Milne Land Stade in the Preboreal, based on relative sea-level data and exposure ages of moraines (Hall et al. The Milne Land Stade moraines have been tentatively correlated with fresh-looking moraines on eastern Jameson Land adjacent to former outlets of a Liverpool Land-based ice cap (Funder 1990; Lilliesköld & Salvigsen 1991). Be and optically stimulated luminescence ages from moraines and glaciolacustrine sediments on eastern Jameson Land, East Greenland. Analysis for naturally occurring radionuclides at environmental concentrations by gamma spectrometry. Sampled landforms and sediment are associated with advances of outlet glaciers from the local Liverpool Land ice cap situated in the coastal Scoresby Sund region. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry Articles 115, 263–288.

Previous studies have tentatively correlated these advances with the Milne Land Stade moraines, which are prominent moraine sets deposited by mountain glaciers in the inner Scoresby Sund region.

Recent constraints on the formation of the outer and inner of these moraines have suggested two advances of local glaciers, one prior to or during the Younger Dryas and another during the Preboreal.

E-mail: [email protected] (Published: 10 January 2014) Polar Research 2014. Geological records from Greenland show that local glaciers and ice caps advanced and retreated partly out of tune with the Greenland Ice Sheet during the last glacial/interglacial cycle (Adrielsson & Alexanderson 2005; Kelly & Lowell 2009).

The rapid climate change during the last termination has been of particular interest, and studies of moraines or other landforms demarcating local glacial extent during that time may provide information on climate factors such as precipitation and temperature (see Kelly & Lowell 2009).

In East Greenland, one such feature is the prominent Milne Land Stade moraines, originally described by Funder (1970).

The moraines consist of an outer and an inner belt, and they are exposed widely in the central parts of the Scoresby Sund region, on Milne Land and in Hall Bredning (Fig. Even though these moraines are the only prominent ice-marginal features between the last glacial maximum and little ice age ice-marginal positions, their age has been debated. The filled triangle represents the Mestersvig delta and the filled circles with roman numbers the positions of radiocarbon samples (see Table 2 for site numbers).

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