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“She says she wanted to be a doctor until she realized she’s deathly afraid of the sight of blood 💉, so she decided to win #Miss Universe instead 🎉😎😝 #touché #welldone #stoneheartday @piawurtzbach,” he captioned the pic. It’s a fairly new relationship but I’m really excited to see where it can go! Mike and Pia first stirred up dating rumors when he posted a photo of them together on Instagram.

Scott Guy was a good man, a great dad, a salt-of-the-earth farmer who was gunned down at his front gate for no conceivable reason.So Macdonald meticulously planned to get rid of Scott and shot him as he headed to work.But despite enormous media coverage, the reality is that most of us still know very little about the case.To understand what really happened and why it happened, you need to set aside what you think you know and start over again, from the beginning, from that first dark midwinter morning. takes you inside the investigation, into the courtroom and tells the real story behind Ewen Macdonald's defence, led by Greg King.By the end you'll know everything the jury did - and much more.His death enthralled us, partly because it was so inexplicable, but also because there were no obvious suspects.

When police finally arrested someone, public fascination soared - because the person they claimed killed Scott Guy was his brother-in-law, colleague and former mate, Ewen Macdonald.

While on the surface a hardworking husband and father of four, it gradually emerged Macdonald had an alter-ego and alternative life of violence and retribution.

The police case against him seemed so logical: Ewen Macdonald was aggrieved, anxious and angry - and secretly hated the person who'd been best man at his wedding, Scott Guy.

Mike White is a senior writer at North & South magazine.

He investigated Scott Guy's murder for more than a year and was present throughout Ewen Macdonald's five-week trial.

At the 2013 Canon Media Awards he won the Magazine Feature Writer of the Year award for his coverage of the case.

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