Woman dating men in prison

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“ Where my boy???”
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Woman dating men in prison - Sex Chat

During the show she was defensive and avoided certain questions, she used excuses like “All black men sell drugs that’s what they do” or “Everybody does bad things they just haven’t been caught” I held my tongue, I laughed and I prayed that Jesus Christ himself will unblind this child as he did the blind man by spitting in his eyes.

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So we moved on and there was a caller named (Rock) whom said “I sounded like I had issues with women” I do have a problem with women, SORRY women, women that put men before their children.If you listen to the beginning of the show I stated, “I would see women coming to the prison I worked at and putting money on these guys books weekly as if they (The male prisoner) was working a 9-5, and their children looked horrible”; In any event I bet Rock was one of those men and took offense to what I said, Oh well a hit dog will holler.And then there was Dave from Northern Georgia an ex- con who said “I didn’t sound like a doctor and didn’t know what I was talking about, his comments is going to lead us into the next segment; Dave from Northern Georgia, you can Google me, call the secretary of state office and search for my credentials online, I have 2x Ph D’s and 3x Masters degrees I am an elitist and I am going to be Senator in Georgia in 2014.So the next time you want to call in and talk about anyone, sound off like you got a pair, Mr.Ex- Con, You sound as feminine as the women on the show, please go to the archives and listen to segment five and check sister girl out!On this past Thursday December 29, 2011 I was afforded the gracious opportunity to be on a talk radio show from Atlanta, Georgia called Power Talk, it was hosted by the intelligent, wise and gracious first lady Dr.

Lorraine White; the show topic “ Why Women Date Men In prison”?

When I wrote this article last year I didn’t know the impact it would have, I guess it’s more serious than I thought.

During the show we had guest that called in some were for me and a few were for the young lady engaged to a drug dealer in prison, that his friend set her up with; that should tell you everything about this young woman and her mind set to be hooked up with a guy in prison.

Since the beginning of time there has been an infatuation with bad boys.

Bad boys seem cool they smoke, they do dangerous things, your parents don’t like them, their macho and they make women feel loved.

But let’s snap into reality after the infatuation and the real world steps in where do bad boys really fit in?

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